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how to return my free u2 album 

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Anonymous: why is no one talking about the bodies in the caloosahatchee. or the dead body in the road off of cochran in Charlotte county


Legit news story link or it didn’t happen


Can we please, please talk about or at least acknowledge Simone Battle? A 25 year old black female singer who just committed suicide a few days ago? 

High profile suicides are always white girls. Black girls’ stories are always swept aside. Please, let’s not let Simone Battle’s go unnoticed.

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I can’t stand these fucking people with these fucking family window stickers on their cars a murderer is gonna come into your fucking house and you’re gonna try to hide your kids in the fucking closet and he’s gonna be like naw bitch I saw your fucking mini van I know you have six more kids where are they

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blackboard is the worst invention of all time because there’s literally no way to escape your homework. sick with the flu? homework’s on blackboard. snow day? homework’s on blackboard. house burned down? use your fucking phone because the fucking homework’s on blackboard

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